Radical Product Thinking

Lean and Agile are like a fast car, it helps you iterate faster, but it does not give you a clear vision and strategy.

Most companies run into Product Diceases:

  • Strategic Swelling: The product tries to do too much for too many users – unfocused efforts, weak value proposition.
  • Obsessive Sales Disorder (OSD): Features delivered for individual customers – fragmented product, distracted engineers.
  • Narcissus Complex: Looking inwards and focusing on our own needs – disconnected from customer needs.
  • Hypermetricemia: Obsession with metrics and analytics – incremental product improvement, stuck in local maxima.

And have Digital Pollution: Collateral damage from our products.

A good vision is not a short slogan or BHAG. Your vision should articulate:

  • Who: Whose world are you changing?
  • What: What does their world look like today?
  • Why: Why does their world need to change?
  • When: When will you know that you’ve arrived?
  • How: How are you going to change it for them?

Product Strategy (RDCL):

  • Real Pain Points – What do businesses need in the oasis?
  • Design – What does our solution look like?
  • Capabilities – How do we enable those capabilities?
  • Logistics – How do we deliver it?

Radical Product helps you define and communicate what you are building and why.

Lean and Agile help you execute, learn and iterate under uncertainty.