Getting DevOps Wrong: Top 5 Mistakes Organizations Make

DevOps is all of the following:

  • A cultural shift in how processes, code, and technology are delivered.
  • A philosophy around continuous development and integration with users, business, and even market dynamics.
  • A practice that continuously evolves.
  • A tool to help deliver services and applications and market-ready speeds.
  • A process to help companies innovate at a much faster pace than what traditional (or legacy) software tools and infrastructure could offer.

Bill Kleyman made a list of the top 5 mistakes organizations make while deploying DevOps:

  1. You’re still using checklists, runbooks, or other manual processes to manage code.
  2. Your release cycle happens every few months (or even years) and deployments keep you awake at night.
  3. Your developers feel that their role ends at deployment.
  4. You focus on tools over culture.
  5. Your people are still in silos.

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Scrum And DevOps

DevOps is not about tools and automation in the delivery pipeline. In fact, as we have learned tools and automation is only one-third of DevOps. In overall, DevOps is about Collaboration & Collective Ownership, Focus on the flow of value delivery and Learning and experimentation culture. But sadly, many tooling vendors position DevOps as tools and process for the delivery pipeline. This will get the management excited because many managers think that after buying and installing the “DevOps” tools without changing their organisation will make their company instantly agile. This is like putting the cart in front of the horse.

In this article you can read that Scrum and DevOps actually share more in common than most realise. Just like how Scrum is not about tools and process, the DevOps Three Ways is also about values and principles:

My Reading Backlog

I saw some people sharing their reading backlog and thought it was a fun idea to write mine down as well. Looking back at 2018 I was quite surprised how much books I managed to read.

If you know some books I should add to my backlog, please let me know!

A small note: I have not prioritized my todo-list, whenever I finish a book I pick something from it I feel like reading at that moment and start.

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