Why most scaling frameworks are a fad that will blow over

Great post from Maarten Dalmijn why he things there isn’t a single successful scaling framework. The post also mentions other articles related to this subject.





Agile Resources

I came across Andy Bacon his blog that lists some interesting articles and resources, you can find it here: https://andybacon.com/agile-resources/

And just in case he ever decides to take his website offline, here is a quick mirror 😉

Some Agile Basics

Agile Related Certifications

Scaling Frameworks


Daily Scrum

Scrum Graphics


User Stories

Role of Managers in Agile

DiSC Assessment (free)



Estimation, Data Driven Estimates, and Forecasting

Collaboration Tools



Product Owner Resources

  • Opportunity canvas
  • Lean canvas
  • Product vision
  • Product roadmap
  • Release plan

Random Helpful Things

Technical Topics

7 Key Factors for Scaling Agile in Large Organizations

Agile adoption has grown from a small number of agile teams within an organization to many agile teams, larger teams, and entire organizations themselves, bringing a new set of challenges and complexities. Regardless of the framework, some important factors play a major role in making large-scale agile adoption successful. Here are seven aspects you should consider when scaling agile across an organization.

  1. Executive leadership support
  2. Knowledge acquisition
  3. Engineering excellence
  4. Tools and infrastructure
  5. Communities of practice
  6. Integrating nonsoftware teams
  7. Agile champions and change agents

Read the complete article here: https://www.agileconnection.com/article/7-key-factors-scaling-agile-large-organizations