5 brainstorming technique

Brainstorming is an effective approach for developing ideas.

However, traditional brainstorming techniques are criticized for being biased, too directive, slow, and ineffective for generating new ideas.

Consequently, new brainstorming techniques have been developed to improve the effectiveness of conventional brainstorming while attempting to eliminate its pitfalls. 

This video aims to explore 5 brainstorming technique that suits your situation and avoid the shortcomings of traditional brainstorming and other techniques. 

1) Brain Writing
2) Starburst
3) Reverse Brainstorming
4) Step Ladder
5) Role Storming

Let’s get started.


A great exercise to do with your team, as copied from https://scrum-agile.nl/?page_id=256

Start by individually answering the following questions:

  • At work, I get inspired by…
  • I’m proud to be part of a team that…
  • What I can offer my colleagues is…

Shared the outcome with each other and talk about the outcomes.

Then answer the following questions:

  • My Personal top 5 values are…

For inspiration you can use a list of values from https://scottjeffrey.com/core-values-list/

After writing down 5 values, you challenge them by asking the following questions for each value:

  • If you were to start a new organization, would you build it around this core value regardless of the industry?
  • Would you want your organization to continue to stand for this core value 100 years into the future, no matter what changes occur in the outside world?
  • Would you want your organization to hold this core value, even if at some point in time it became a competitive disadvantage—even if in some instances the environment penalized the organization for living this core value?
  • Do you believe that those who do not share this core value—those who breach it consistently—simply do not belong in your organization?
  • Would you personally continue to hold this core value even if you were not rewarded for holding it?
  • Would you change jobs before giving up this core value?
  • If you awoke tomorrow with more than enough money to retire comfortably for the rest of your life, would you continue to apply this core value to your productive activities?

(source: https://www.jimcollins.com/tools/vision-framework.pdf )

If you can answer a values with “yes” on all questions, you got a winner.

Collect all values that were answered with a yes on all questions, and from those values look for similar personal values within the team.

5 Workshops To Improve Using Product- And Sprint Goals

The 5 workshops in one overview

You can try these workshops in a random order, although we did give the flow of these do-it-yourself workshops some thought.

Workshop: Scrum Mythbusters: Is The Sprint Goal Optional In Scrum? 

We designed this tried-and-tested workshop to help Scrum Teams think about the value of (Sprint) goals. Although many Scrum Teams consider them optional, Sprint Goals are really at the heart of how you can successfully navigate complex work. With this string, you create transparency around what happens without Sprint Goals or with Sprint Goals that are unclear. And more importantly, what you can do as a team to improve – together!

Workshop: Help Your Team Get Started With A Product Goals And Sprint Goals 

We designed this do-it-yourself workshop to help your Scrum Team get started with a Product- and Sprint Goal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new team or have already completed multiple Sprints. It’s never too late to get started with how Scrum is intended. But the importance of a Product- and Sprint Goal is something you probably already experienced yourself…

The string of Liberating Structures contains UX Fishbowl to learn from the stakeholders, Conversation Cafe to share ideas & thoughts about the product, Nine Whys to create the Product Goal, and 25/10 Crowd Sourcing to select the Sprint Goals.

Workshop: Formulate A Clear Sprint Goal During Sprint Planning 

We designed this do-it-yourself workshop to help your team define a clear Sprint Goal during Sprint Planning. The string of Liberating Structures contains Celebrity Interview to clarify the Product Goal, 1-2-4-ALL to select a Sprint Goal, Min Specs to create the Sprint Backlog, and What, So What, Now What to define the Sprint plan.

Workshop: Improve How Your Scrum Team Uses Sprint Goals 

To make the importance of the Sprint Goal clear, it’s easy to dictate the Scrum Guide. The term “goal” is one of the most emphasized concepts. Yet we believe it’s more powerful to let your team discover this by themselves. That’s the intention of this do-it-yourself workshop, which contains the Liberating Structures TRIZ, Discovery & Action Dialogue, and 15% Solutions.

Workshop: Create Better Sprint Goals With Powerful Questions 

This workshop is extra special because it’s only available in our book the “Zombie Scrum Survival Guide“. A Sprint Goal helps Scrum Teams self-organize their collaboration. The Sprint Goal also clarifies the purpose and value of the work on this Sprint. It gives flexibility to the Scrum Team to change their Sprint Backlog as needed in response to sudden changes. But creating clear goals is something many teams struggle with, especially in Zombie Scrum environments. This experiment offers ten powerful questions to help your Scrum Team create clear Sprint Goals. The questions are part of the “50 Powerful Questions” card deck. 

Agile Games And Exercises List

Copied the above list from: https://www.agilesparks.com/resources/topicsubject-reading-lists/agile-games-and-exercises-list/ 😇

Praktisch op weg naar Teamresultaat

Diverse handige werkvormen zijn hier te vinden: http://www.praktischopweg.nl/werkvormen.html

  • Taakbord & Stand-up
  • Relatief schatten
  • Story Mapping
  • Swim Lane
  • Retrospective
  • Meeting Manifesto
  • Elimineren van verspillingen
  • Visgraatanalyse
  • Vaardighedenkompas
  • Teamontwikkeling
  • Persoonlijkheidsstijlen
  • Teamwork
  • Focusoefening
  • Impact Mapping
  • Prioriteitenmatrix
  • Zeesteranalyse
  • Bevlogenheidsthermometer
  • Oplossingsgericht coachen
  • Delegation Poker
  • Organisatiescan
  • Dialoogwerkblad Scrum
  • Value Stream Map
  • Dialoogwerkblad SWITCH
  • Dialoogwerkblad Zeilboot