Truth, Lies, and Scrum

is a great article from Zach Bonaker in which he describes that:

  • Scrum is not equal to Agile;
  • Your context and culture dictates Scrum’s effectiveness;
  • Your organization will likely need a new structure to use Scrum;
  • The Scrum Guide is not a straw-man document;
  • Daily Scrum is a feedback loop.
  • Scrum Master is not a role “in agile”;
  • Scrum Masters are not a sign or assessment of “maturity”.
  • User stories are not part of Scrum;
  • The outcome of the Sprint Review is an updated product backlog;
  • Velocity is not part of Scrum;
  • If retrospectives have no organizational impact, you’re not doing Scrum;
  • Teams are the heart of Scrum, but a bunch of people with the same boss are not necessarily a team;

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Myth: The Product Owner is a proxy for stakeholders

In this post, The Liberators bust the myth that the Product Owner is a proxy for stakeholders. The bottom-line is that Scrum Teams become significantly less Agile when only the Product Owner communicates with stakeholders. Instead of framing the Product Owner as a proxy, they instead prefer to explain the Product Owner as the person responsible for including stakeholders in the conversation. They offer a few concrete tips on how to do this.

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Myth: Refinement is a required meeting for the entire Scrum Team

In this post, The Liberators bust the myth that Product Backlog refinement should be done as one or more required ‘meetings’ that must be attended by everyone in the team. They clarified the purpose of refinement in Scrum, offered alternative approaches to do refinement and provided some tips to increase the effectiveness.

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3 Veelgehoorde Misvattingen over Lean en Scrum

Krijg jij met regelmaat aantal vragen over de relatie tussen Lean en Scrum?, Hier wordt in dit blog aandacht aan besteed door de Agile Scrum Group. Deze vragen zijn bestempeld als in de volgende misvattingen:

  • Lean is voor processen en Scrum is voor projecten
  • Lean is voor bestaande zaken en Scrum is voor innovatie
  • We hadden eerst Lean, nu gaan we scrummen
  • Lean en Scrum moeten bottom-up ontstaan
  • Na een theorie training bén je Scrum Master of Yellow/ Green/ Orange Belt
  • Je moet kiezen als organisatie tussen de Lean en agile filosofie

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Six Agile Product Development Myths – Busted

In this article Mike Cohn busts six agile product development myths:

  • Myth #1: Isn’t Agile Just for Software Development?
  • Myth #2: Is It True That Managers Have No Role in Agile?
  • Myth #3: Can’t Stakeholders Introduce Change Whenever They Want?
  • Myth #4: Doesn’t Everyone Need to Be a Generalist on an Agile Team?
  • Myth #5: I’ve Heard that Agile Teams Don’t (or Can’t) Plan.
  • Myth #6: Don’t Agile Teams Create Products with No Architectural Plan?

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