Enhancing Sprint Review With The Speed Boat Game

The Speed Boat game explores user’s pains and jobs. The heart of the game is a metaphor of a Speed Boat (product). It has anchors: current problems and pains in using the Product that prevents it from moving forward. The stronger the anchor, the higher amount of customer pain, the more anchor slows the boat down.

Read all about it here: https://www.scrum.org/resources/blog/enhancing-sprint-review-speed-boat-game

Getting Results from Sprint Reviews

Some insights of this video include:

  • What could the agenda of a sprint review look like?
    • Show the (big picture) vision of the product
    • What was the sprint goal (vision of the previous sprint)
    • Discussing the sprint itself
      • what went wrong
      • what problems did we run into?
      • how did we solve these problems?
      • what still needs to be solved?
    • Review the increment (not really a demonstration, but an actual review)
    • Now that you’ve seen it, do we need to change anything?
    • Project likely completion dates
    • Collaborate/discuss what should be built next?
      • What is the marketplace we are operating in?
      • What are our competitors doing?
    • Final question: should we change the Product Backlog, should we change?

Sprint Review Anti Patterns and How to Overcome Them

If your Sprint Review looks like this, you are doing it wrong:

  • Approval Session
  • Development team presentation
  • Closed feedback bubble

Signs you are doing it right:

  • Product Owner owns the event
  • Who is who? Everybody is engaged.
  • It provides valuable feedback
  • It gives the direction where we want to move to
  • It can give insight in likely completion dates

Share novel ideas and creative solutions with ‘Shift & Share’ and ‘Caravan’

Shift & Share is a Liberating Structure that helps spread novelty across groups and functions. Innovators showcase their ideas or products and gather meaningful feedback in short cycles. In one hour or less it’s possible to include everyone in a large group and make every voice heard in a structured, constructive way.

Caravan is an exciting twist on Shift & Share that blends it with the Liberating Structure Wise Crowds. It’s especially useful for gaining clarity on a challenge or — maybe most important for Scrum Teams — to receive useful feedback on new features and product increments during multi-team Sprint Reviews.

Read about it in this article: https://medium.com/the-liberators/liberating-structures-are-33-microstructures-that-allow-you-to-unleash-and-involve-everyone-in-a-9f55c2cdab56

Engage Everyone in Making Sense of Profound Challenges

Encourage people to listen and understand each other’s perspective on a profound, shared topic or challenge instead of trying to convince or persuade others to see it your way. In this article, Christiaan Verwijs & Barry Overeem  explain how you can use the Liberating Structure “Conversation Café” to achieve this: https://medium.com/the-liberators/engage-everyone-in-making-sense-of-profound-challenges-c66e44ba00f2