Game of the week – Santas Workshop (Game of circles)

In this virtual agile game, we bring agile to life through simulating sprints, retrospectives, planning & team collaboration

When to use this game?  

– Would you like to introduce agile ways of working to a new team? – Would you like to remind existing teams about some of the core principles of agility? – Would you just like to have a bit of festive fun with your team?  

Play this game with your teams or those within your company to show them in a very tangible way, how it feels to iterate, inspect & adapt, and work together.

Agile Games And Exercises List

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Retropoly is a game to be played during retrospective meetings of Agile teams. It is based on the Monopoly game concept. It is mainly designed for Scrum teams, but it is suitable with minor adjustments for any other Agile methodology. The game is basically a fun, yet practical, tool to apply the twelfth principle of Agile manifesto: