Share novel ideas and creative solutions with ‘Shift & Share’ and ‘Caravan’

Shift & Share is a Liberating Structure that helps spread novelty across groups and functions. Innovators showcase their ideas or products and gather meaningful feedback in short cycles. In one hour or less it’s possible to include everyone in a large group and make every voice heard in a structured, constructive way.

Caravan is an exciting twist on Shift & Share that blends it with the Liberating Structure Wise Crowds. It’s especially useful for gaining clarity on a challenge or — maybe most important for Scrum Teams — to receive useful feedback on new features and product increments during multi-team Sprint Reviews.

Read about it in this article:

Engage Everyone in Making Sense of Profound Challenges

Encourage people to listen and understand each other’s perspective on a profound, shared topic or challenge instead of trying to convince or persuade others to see it your way. In this article, Christiaan Verwijs & Barry Overeem  explain how you can use the Liberating Structure “Conversation Café” to achieve this: