Truth, Lies, and Scrum

is a great article from Zach Bonaker in which he describes that:

  • Scrum is not equal to Agile;
  • Your context and culture dictates Scrum’s effectiveness;
  • Your organization will likely need a new structure to use Scrum;
  • The Scrum Guide is not a straw-man document;
  • Daily Scrum is a feedback loop.
  • Scrum Master is not a role “in agile”;
  • Scrum Masters are not a sign or assessment of “maturity”.
  • User stories are not part of Scrum;
  • The outcome of the Sprint Review is an updated product backlog;
  • Velocity is not part of Scrum;
  • If retrospectives have no organizational impact, you’re not doing Scrum;
  • Teams are the heart of Scrum, but a bunch of people with the same boss are not necessarily a team;

Read the complete article here:

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