How To Kickstart A Great Scrum Team (10 practical things to do)

In this post, Christiaan Verwijs shares his experiences on how to best Kickstart, Lift-off or Launch a (new) Scrum Team.

  • Understand team development (and your role in it)
    • Forming phase
    • Storming phase
    • Norming phase
    • Performing phase
    • Adjourning phase
  • Reserve time for the Kickstart
  • Getting to know each other is half the work
  • Teach Scrum
  • Formulate a Team Vision
  • Create a Team Contract
  • Pick a Team Name
  • Set expectations
  • Retrospectives, retrospectives, retrospectives
  • Involve management to support the Kickstart
  • ‘Bring it to the team’

Read the complete article here:

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