The difference between the ‘forecast’ and the ‘Sprint Backlog’ in Scrum

There is a difference between the forecast and the Sprint Backlog in Scrum. Exactly what this difference is, has eluded me for some time, and it may very well be unclear to you too. The difference may seem subtle but can have real practical benefits as you will learn below.

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Road to PSMIII

Sjoerd Nijland has written a nice series of blogposts about his road to PSMIII:

Definition of Scrum

Empiricism: Transparency

Empiricism: Inspection, Part One

Empiricism: Inspection, Part Two

Empiricism: Adaptation

Scrum Values

The Scrum Team

The Scrum Master

The Scrum Master’s responsibilities

The Product Owner

The Development Team

The Sprint

Sprint Cancellation

Scrum’s Artifacts

The Product Backlog


The Dark Side of the Scrum Guide

Sjoerd Nijland has written a great blogpost about his journey to PSMIII and the nuances in words from the Scrum Guide. Such as:

  • Framework, Methodology, Process, Techniques
  • Event, Meeting
  • Development
  • Done, “Done”, Ready, Shippable, Releasable
  • Self-organising
  • Facilitate, Serve
  • Visible, Open, Transparent, Accessible
  • Titles vs Roles and Multi-disciplinary vs Cross-functional.
  • When is a Sprint Backlog created? And is it considered output of a Sprint Backlog?
  • When does the Sprint Planning take place?

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