Ten sentences with all the Scrum Master advice you’ll ever need

Mike Cohn has been a Scrum Master for over 20 years. Over that time, he gave and collected quite a lot of advice and distilled it down to the ten best bits for you:

  1. Never Commit the Team to Anything Without Consulting Them First
  2. Remember You’re There to Help The Team Look Good
  3. Don’t Beat the Team over the Head with an Agile Rule Book
  4. Nothing Is Permanent So Experiment with Your Process
  5. Ensure Team Members and Stakeholders View Each Other as Peers
  6. Protect the Team, Including in More Ways than You May Think
  7. Banish Failure from Your Vocabulary
  8. Praise Often But Always Sincerely
  9. Encourage the Team to Take Over Your Job
  10. Shut Up and Listen

Read the complete article here: https://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/blog/ten-sentences-with-all-the-scrum-master-advice-youll-ever-need

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