Why the Sprint Goal is not an Essential (Mandatory) Artifact

Although, the Sprint Goal is not defined as an artefact within the Scrum Guide it is an integral part of the Scrum framework. It provides an overarching objective for the Scrum Team which helps them to focus “WHY” is the team invested in the Sprint.

Why do we choose to conduct this Sprint? What is the value we seek to create? Why did we select these items from the Product Backlog and not others? How will we know whether the Sprint was successful in the Sprint Review? Those are the questions we seek to answer with the Sprint Goal and if we have no clarity on those aspects of Product Development then we are missing a key element of Empiricism, and missing a key Inspect & Adapt opportunity in Scrum.

Read the complete article here: https://www.scrum.org/resources/blog/why-sprint-goal-not-essential-mandatory-artifact

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