9 Signs You’re Struggling with Agile Adoption

Your team adopted Agile to get better—to accelerate delivery and improve performance—but now that you’ve been at it for a few months, it doesn’t feel like it’s fulfilling the promise. You’re following the practices. You’ve got the routine down. You expected to transform to a new way of working, but it’s starting to feel like Agile is just a set of handcuffs, not the solution you were looking for.

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The Agile response to “How much will it cost, and when will it be done?”

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The right answer to the question about scope, budget, and deadline is not to go along with the line of thinking that’s behind it. Instead, offer management a better way to manage the risks of a project. Offer them a visible and transparent process like Scrum that allows for frequent change and makes the progress of teams visible on a transparent backlog. Scrum will not magically make your project succeed, nor will it prevent mistakes and failures, but it will make them less costly because you can detect them more frequently as part of the iterative nature.

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Praktische tips voor Scrum Masters

“Reading” Time: 30 minutes

A great video series from Roland Flemm commenting (in Dutch) on a retrospective. With some practical tips on how to start a meeting, the importance of feeling safe, having respect for each other and ownership.

Aflevering 1: Een meeting starten.
Aflevering 2: Veiligheid en respect.
Aflevering 3: Eigenaarschap
Volledige video: Koos Coach in “de Retrospective”