The Liberators build their website

The Liberators build their new website with a Scrum Team within a week. In these posts and videos, they share what they’ve learned about flow and releasing more often – with examples that are as real-life as imaginable 🙂

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Preparing The Product Backlog for the website of The Liberators
Building Our New Website (Day 1)
Building Our New Website (Day 2)
Building Ending the Daily Scrum with a High-Five
Building feedback wanted!
Building with Scrum

The First Question To Ask When Building Teams – Is This Really A Team?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Have you ever wondered why so many organizations fail at building effective and high performing teams despite offering so much support in different ways e.g. by managing people, by managing the environment, and by coaching teams? You’re not alone. This is often something that frustrates teams, coaches, and managers.

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Praktische tips voor Scrum Masters

“Reading” Time: 30 minutes

A great video series from Roland Flemm commenting (in Dutch) on a retrospective. With some practical tips on how to start a meeting, the importance of feeling safe, having respect for each other and ownership.

Aflevering 1: Een meeting starten.
Aflevering 2: Veiligheid en respect.
Aflevering 3: Eigenaarschap
Volledige video: Koos Coach in “de Retrospective”