The Scrum Master Craft

Being a Scrum Master is a craft, as it is a combination of knowledge, skill and experience that enables you as a Scrum Master to be effective.

The duty of the Scrum Master is to reveal not Resolve. There are many anti-patterns from the misunderstanding around Servant Leadership.

Flow works best in a pull-based system. This applies to learning as well as work. Create a welcoming space for people to share ideas and discuss with each other. Try as hard as possible not to offer unsolicited advice!

A technique Simon Reindl has found helpful is to flip every statement into a question. “You seem to be covering up progress” becomes “How are you making your work transparent?”.

W.A.I.T. (Why Am I Talking?)

A phrase he heard a lot is “The person talking is the one doing the learning”. The meme/trope of the evil villain monologuing, while their downfall is being prepared for them is not a good space to be in within a team. This was summarised by Andy Hiles as W.A.I.T.

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